If you introduce these people to each other...

... at your gathering...

they will be more successful and so will you.

Currently, you leave that to chance...

It is time to engineer your events around EACH AND EVERY PERSON!  

Easy for Participants


Easy ways to intentionally introduce groups of participants using known networked relationships and personal success characteristics

group designs.png


Easy to follow moderator/speaker/manager instructions for easy application


Name badge/signage convenience for personalized convenience and augmenting each interaction




Follow-ups made easy to provide groups that interacted with interesting, personable followup information



Interactive sessions reach a whole new height. Go beyond design thinking to predictive and longer term achievement

Easy for event organizers


Easily pull answers from registration and social media
(all sources accepted)


Analyze all the participants for their success using our proprietary software


Integrate into existing agendas, apps, panels, networking and more

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 9.04.23 AM.png

We have hundreds of ways for you to integrate the data to personalize your event for each person


Visualize your impact and display it for participants

Download a case study

Read the DOWNLOADABLE PDF to see the details behind how one large event/conference engineered serendipity to improve all participants experience during and after the event. 

Please CONTACT US if you would like to learn even more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an event app? No. While event apps allow more options for integrating the personalized success, they are not necessary. 

Are there security, tracking or elements that would concern my participants? No. We only use what you are already capturing. And we integrate with event elements you already have in place. 

What if my participants have already registered? No problem. In 90% of events, there is already enough data to use our software to help you improve your conference. 

What is my agenda is already locked? No problem. Our exercises and interactions are designed to fit into any type of event. 

What is the algorithm? We have done hundreds of events and viewed the success/failure of thousands of participants. Custom algorithms use data from the latest in evidence based outcomes, network science and even artificial intelligence so we can 'guarantee' to improve your event! 

How much time does it take? As little as a few seconds per participant! If you want custom integrations, naturally, it can take much, much longer.