Below is the step by step roll-out on how we transform your school classes or executive education programs by focusing on the network of students so you can focus on the content. No more counting off teams or cheesy icebreakers or individual selection of the popular kids/execs in class!

Step 1 example:

Let's use a class size of 10. They are starting school or an executive education program. Some might have a little bit of history together, but most are disconnected.

people science in education

Step 2:

We examine the shortest distance between each student based on:
- Existing relationships
- External relationships
- Background
- Skills
- Personal attributes
- Future interests

Step 3:

We determine which are the strongest connections and which connections need to be made. The thicker the line, the more those people need to get to know each other.


networks in education

Step 4:

Then we examine the students strengths and interconnections between each other compared with all variables. Communities/clusters begin to form in the class.

clustering students

Step 5:

Next, we make recommendations on which clusters/students need to need to meet/spend time together to improve to overall strength of the class (and of course improve their personal network for future success post education/school.)

Step 6:

As each project, class, work group finishes, we watch different clusters take shape KNOWING all along that the whole system/whole class needs to be connected on the right nodes for the whole class to succeed in the longer run.


connected classroom

Step 7:

We are able to identify where the connections need to happen (orange and purple lines on right) We then engineer serendipity with the next groups, teams, bus trips etc... because we know what the network needs for long term success.

In other words, we learn and make recommendations for how each new work group, seating chart, study abroad, tiger team is formed so that at the end of your class or semester or graduation you have an intentional network that will far outpace anything you were able to do in the past without WBW People Science!


Step 8:

Your future education network primed for each persons personal network success:


Revisit your alumni and intelligently integrate them into the network!


Here is what a class/group of executives looks like without WBW People Science integration.

Which network would you rather be part of?

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