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It is time to use Artificial Intelligence to guarantee the right business relationships at your next gathering. We utilize information from your participants to make sure they meet the right people at the right time. We provide you with an easy tool to manage it yourself:

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Seated Serendipity™ – ever struck up a great conversation with the person sitting next to you? You can now make sure the right people are an arms length away.  This can be applied anytime, anyone is seated in any configuration

Serendipity Live™ – allow any size group to answer a couple questions and instantly be placed into groups that would take days if not weeks to happen naturally. Visit the sign up page to learn more.  

Networked Education - guarantee that every student meets all the right students, not just those in their study groups or circle of friend

Deep Learning Talks™- how much of your speeches, Ignite talks, Keynotes are actually remembered? Change the retention level with PS Integration


Gathering/Patch Maps™ - visualizing what was previously impossible: visualize your participants in multiple dimensions – from connection to centrality to expertise to stages of impact. From 3 inches to 8ft interactive to 100ft printed 

C3 Curated Conversation Co-Creation – Seed small groups of people with questions that will drive life long conversations and increased likelihood of co-creatio

Infused Design Thinking shutterstock_211516156.jpg

Infused Design Thinking Modules/activities - People Science can be applied to almost every Stanford activity as well as most exercises designed to improve collaboration at a gathering offered by every media, design and consulting company 

Micro-Serendipity – modules/exercises 2 to 10 minutes in length based on each persons interest 

Give and Take Marketplace - using the process of asking and offering support for fellow participants, this proven method creates marketplace where everyone gets and give more than they ever expected! 

Infused-Modules - don’t change anything. Just infuse small People Science elements into what you have and watch the impact happen (albeit a little slower). Can be as simple as putting a few names on the back of a name tag or speaker instructions 

Pressing Priority Tracks – integrate your conference tracks with audience insight recommendations (not metrics) and enable participants path based on custom pressing priorities 

Patch Navigators shutterstock_104223053.jpg

Patch Navigators™ - starting with a ‘Patch Navigation’ team, you ensure success and learning from a statistically optimized group with multiple points of action for the duration of the gathering 

12 Hour Mixology shutterstock_81830524.jpg

12 Hour Mixology ™ - frequently the most memorable part of large gatherings is the happy hour or networking time. You can know engineer this throughout your event with the skill of master Mixologist ensuring every hour is more effective 

Social AcuPressure™ – know who influences whom and use the knowledge to apply pressure at key points in your gathering 

Echo Chamber Demolition™  - frequently people surround themselves with those who share similar thoughts.  Growth is limited by echoing of the same ideas. Help your participants break through and challenge their echo chamber by inserting just the right level of requisite variety 

Cluster Infections shutterstock_58591414.jpg

Cluster Infections™ - clustered networks of people spread information faster and in more detail than traditional routes. By changing the type of information shared and the way it is disseminated via targeted cluster networks, you can shift outcomes 

Real Life Hashtags - do you know what your participants are reading? What they are re-tweeting? What trends they actually read? Utilize this in person 

LinkedIn Legacy™ - utilize amazing connection possibilities from LinkedIn in different elements of your gathering 

4Ls™ - Legacy, Love, Labor and Leadership- unless you have all 4 factored in, you aren’t addressing the full participant 

Pyramid of Impact™ Integration- for advanced application only. Must have a Design Expert on hand throughout gathering design and delivery


Way Better Work implements People Science differently within corporations/large communities.

Transform your - Communication - Innovation - Productivity - Culture - Performance - by creating a modern agile ecosystem within your organization to truly engage your teams and improve results.

Behavior Change?

- How do I find the best people, ideas and knowledge that is locked away in different parts of the community and business units (break silos!)

- How do I increase performance, productivity, communication and satisfaction?

- How can I NOT enforce new rules, structures or processes at the same time?

Click here to learn more about how People Science is the simplest way to empower Network Performance within your organization or community.

Change Management?

- How do I bring innovation that occurs at the edges to the core to make an impactful, accelerated difference?

- How do I empower the passions and purpose of each employee/community member?

- How do I build relationships to improve culture?

See the before and after difference People Science makes

See the before and after difference People Science makes