Software is only as good as the ability to ignite in-person activities to drive relationships that will move towards impact. Formerly known as icebreakers or exercises, now they can tangibly access big-data if desired and all follow the People Science principles.

Although a little cheesy, even if you just want to start with better exercises, here 184 options for you:

RELATIONSHIP MAKERS (formerly known as icebreakers or exercises)

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# Hashtag Fun

A Post-it a day keeps the...

Back Scratching Research

Backchannel Screen

Bar drinkers take over


Conquer the egg drop

Create your own exercise

Different Signs

Digital Profile

Efficiency Ball Toss

Everything depends on your finger point of view


History of the Future

It all depends on your perspective

Live Feedback from Expert or Actor


New Personality Research

Own the Guidelines

Pass the Clap

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Personal reflection post it's.


Remember and Do build the solution

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Shake it Out

Single Finger Cheering

Southwest Model Draw

Stadium Clap

Stadium Show and Tell

Stadium Trust Exercises

Stick with the facts - conversation infographics

Table Top Conversations

Thought to Gun

Top 10 Lists Letterman, 12 Steps to PPT Recovery


Walk in the Park

Werewolf or Mafia

Why it won't Work

Wine Pairing

Wrong person



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30 Seconds  Everyone talk about Person X

4 Phrase Resume

5 Individuals to support

6 seconds to double chances (hand shakes)

adapt some of these

Advanced Class Do Not Try


App Kick-Off Long Term Digital Connections

Apply for Network Science do not try

Arc of Engagement Exercise

Asynchronous reciprocity

Awestruck 3 minutes

Bent Elbows for Audience Response

Big solutions in a box

Body Language

Build Your Network from simple Quotes and Facts


Cell Formations

Claim to fame turnaround

Closing the Loop

Co-Create the Questions

Complexity and the Stacey Diagram

Concerns in a Hat

Connections of Trust Exercise

CQ test 

Create Your One-Line Bio Together

Create your own Collaboration Environment

Curious George quote and conversation

Dancing on a slippery floor summary concepts

Dashboard Work and Connection Points

Digital Brand

Divergent Thinking Mind Map Style

Dunbar Conversations

Elephant in the Room

Fire Starter

Forbes 35 Good Questions to Ask

Foster photography spirit

Fully Yourself at Work

Gates' mission critical

Heisenberg principle

High School Dance Feel or Be in Awe

Highlighting Hierarchy

Hot Potato Tags

How to Write on a Board

Idealist 3Qs

Indian Poker Learning

Inner Circle-Outer Circle Walk and Talk

Issue, Challenge, Idea, Purpose, Action needed

Jeffersonian Meals

Large Scale Art Share and Share

LinkedIn Round Robin

Lunch signup

Mandela Strategies

Map Your Network


Mapping Connections Framework

Massively Multiplayer Thumb Wrestling

Meeting Starter Bold Names

Obama no debate

Observing change

Offline Social Network

One Exercise per Persuasion Topic

One Word Whip

Oxytocin Connection Science personal weakness speech

Pays well, good at… and you love

PB&J Problems, Bureaucracies and Jams

People Science Tagged (emailed) Conversations

Personal buzzfeed

Picture this deep stories

Power Position 2 min energy boost

Prediction Market Teams

PS Front to Back & Left to Right

PS Quotes

PS Speed Dating

Q test

Raise your hand... and then again

Responses to NO

Restart your morning Hot and Cold Cortisol

Saturate and Group

Say Do Think - Feel

Secretly Famous

Share and Capture

Sit in silence

Social Capital Resume Connect

Social Loafing

Stadium Affinity Frame

Stadium Cliché

Helping Behavior

Learning Cluster

Stadium One Thing


Reciprocity Ring

System Sculpting Process

Tapas moving beyond discomfort

Team Snap Synchronization

Tension Meets

The Business Card

The Empty Chair

The experiment board

The Influencers Dinner

The relationship startup

Thirty Circles Kickstarting Creativity

Tic Tac Toe Bingo!

Tic Tac Toe on back of name tag

Too Fast, Too Slow

Tough Questions The Dynamics of Networks

Trident Submarine


UI vs UX Metaphor

Untrustworthy Eyes

Vulnerability equation

Wabi Sabi

Walk In The Door Big Share

Weak Ties Experiment

Weirarchy Yarn

What's in your toolset

Your Personal Narrative


100 Common Questions to Ask Groups to Get Started

Awareness Activity (The Race!)

First Day at Work

Galloping Circle

Glad to be here

Hemingway Memoirs

Human Knot

I've Got Questions

Little Known Facts

Magic Wand

Mt. Rushmore

Name Game

Oxytocin Thumb War

Pass the Clap Copy

Point to Present

Rain Maker

Science Porn

Sort and Mingle I feel like this needs something at the end to tie it together... hmm...

Sound for the Source

The Three Word Interview

Turn to your neighbor

Walk in the Park Copy