1. Bridge the gap between your day jobs and the mission of your organization / community    
  2. Build the relationships and knowledge required to achieve a better understanding of how all our problems and solutions are interconnected
  3. Uncover and identify the great ideas, people and knowledge in your company / community that need the power of networks to innovate and outrageously succeed  


Each individual employee/members personal take-away/guarantee for success

  • Improve and increase relationships and connections among your colleagues... and yourself
  • Improve knowledge flows across the organization. No more silo’d work!
  • Significantly increase the amount of ideas, creativity and solutions you bring back to your day job
  • Dramatically improve and impact a specific event, issue, topic, cause, project and more…    


The power of connected knowledge seeds the transformation from within and at the base

Knowledge is power. How can individuals and teams harness this for the mission of the organization/community? Here is a calculation for how knowledge is now captured in People Science and rapidly moved to impact. E=MC(squared)   

  • E = Effectiveness of the organization/community
  • M = Mastery/skills of each individual in the Patch
  • C = Connections that join the individuals
  • C = Type of Communications that flow through those connections


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